Personal Updates and a positive attitude

Graduation semester, I would be proud of myself for finishing my Bachelors of Science degree, except that I feel like I should have crossed this off my life to do list years ago. In fact, getting my degree has only seemed to remind me of how far behind I perceive myself to be in some […]

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Nutrition While Traveling

I am writing this for you and anyone who want’s to learn how to stay on track while traveling, or get ideas on how to do it better. I have traveled during show prep, road tripped while cutting for powerlifting, and even  spent a month in Iceland (Iceland is notorious for having expensive food). The […]

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Thankful for my crazy life

It’s 4:15 am and the first chime of my alarm goes off. Snooze 4:45 am and the last allowed snooze has been used up. I know I have to force my eyes open and get moving otherwise I risk falling back asleep and not showing up to train my 6am client. It is a bitter […]

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My Story – How I Got Into All This

I don’t think my story is anything special or particularly inspiring. However, it is a common one that many people can relate to. I write this post because I get asked so often, “How did this all start for me?” So here it is! My detailed personal story of what brought me to the place I […]

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How Different Diets Stack Up. Part 1- Keto

The majority of people want to know the most efficient way to a lean and healthy body. Many articles in the fitness industry promise they hold the answers. The thing is, nutritional science is something that is still very young in our scientific understanding. How can we promise to know the answers if we don’t have substantial […]

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