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Dr. Mario Capecchi (Molecular geneticist and Nobel prize winner)

Dear Heidi,

This is just a short note to thank you for your very good advice. You are a terrific personal trainer. You know your material and have exceptional communication skills. You listen and concentrate before giving advice, as a consequence your advice is really good and personal. I have watched you as you council other. Your attention is always entirely focused on the person you are working with, no matter what their level of expertise. You have a special gift in your ability to help others and make them feel good about themselves. Good health is important and keeping your body in good shape is an important factor to maintaining good health. People should flock to you to obtain better skills on how to improve their bodies. It is the only one we have and we should take good care of it. Again thank you, you are terrific.

Best Wishes,



Mark owens (PhD, Phychologist)

I’m 62 years old. I’ve been working with Heidi for about 6 months now. I started because my wife started working with a personal trainer about a year and a half ago, and when I could see that I would soon be left in the dust when hiking, kayaking or just strolling in a city. It was motivation to do something with my body.

I was an athlete in high school. Played basketball and ran track and cross country and I’ve stayed fairly active throughout my life, but I was slowly winding down. When I tried to do too much, I strained a muscle, backed off, and chalked it up to getting old. I was doing less and less. "Aching in the places that I used to play", to steal a line from Leonard Cohen.

My attitude about my body is different now. I still know that I’m in the backstretch of life, but I have different aspirations. I’m determined to take better care of my body. I’m determined to keep working at it. Now I can hike longer, run faster, jump higher. When I shoot hoops now, I can feel my body doing more of what it used to be able to do. My energy and sleep is better, I’m less anxious.. My weight is down and so is my blood pressure. I think Heidi is a budding genius. She’s relatively young, but she’s very smart, very focused and persistent. She understands anatomy, physiology and nutrition really well—and she keeps learning about all of it. She is very familiar with exercise strategies and she’s very good at figuring out what’s too difficult and what’s not difficult enough. She’s patient, encouraging, challenging, kind and personable. I’m so grateful for what she’s done for me. Working with her has been a very very good thing.


Ryan Hanrahan (Student)

A year ago, I was a completely different person than I am now; I used to be the stereotypical gaming geek who stayed up all night playing video games and eating junk food. Needless to say, my diet was awful, and because I never got any exercise or did any sort of physical activity, I was weak, skinny, and unconfident in myself. If I went outside shirtless on a hot summer day I would always hear “Wow Ryan you are so skinny!” or on a windy day I would hear things like “I’m surprised you aren’t blowing away in the wind, you’re a twig!” I never vocalized it, but it really bothered me inside. It’s not like it was strangers saying this stuff, it was my friends and family; it may be true that they should’ve been a bit more sensitive to my feelings, but the fact is that they were right. I was completely ignoring my health, my diet was atrocious, and my muscles were near non existent. I was perfectly aware that there was a problem but did my best to ignore it. Back in October, at 20 years of age and 5’10” in height, I was sitting at around 115-120 lbs.

I was always envious of the guys who were physically strong; not necessarily in terms of their muscles alone, but also of the type of mindset they must’ve been in to put in all that effort for what they wanted. I went through a long phase of thinking that I’d force myself to go the gym the next day, but it never happened; I would always wake up the next day putting it off until it was too late, then convincing myself to go the day after that. This literally cycled every day throughout all of last summer. I knew what it was that I wanted, but I let my fear stand in the way of that and it drove me insane. Eventually, in October, I decided to break that cycle and start working with a trainer.

She pushed me to my absolute limits, both physically and mentally; never before had I been pushed so hard, been so exhausted...or learned so much. She taught me about everything from proper form to how the body processes food and nutrients to how to stay determined when things get rough; it inspired me to continue researching even more in my free time in an effort to learn as much as possible. I also reformed my diet, because I figured that if I was going to really do this, I was going to dive in and be as devoted as possible.

The “reboot” of my body was not what I would call graceful; when I first started, every cell in my body wanted me to quit. In my case, I had to fight through more than just pain and exhaustion, because I am also one of those lucky individuals who possesses a body that wants to throw up rather frequently when it undergoes intense training. This was particularly difficult to overcome in the beginning, but I eventually learned to get used to it and not let it stop me from doing what needed to be done. Nowadays, when I feel that my body is feeling nauseous during a workout, I merely find a trash can, let it out, and get back to training. It sucks, but I refuse to let something like that keep me from achieving my goals.

Fast forward seven months, I am now 145 lbs., and I go to the gym at least 5 times per week. I can’t even imagine my life without fitness in it; it is now an irreplaceable part of my life, and I look forward to working hard to improve myself even more in the years to come.


Katie Meyers (Dancer)

Working with Heidi was always an exciting challenge. From the very beginning my goals were clear and she was able to innovatively help me achieve them. Watching myself genuinely develop strength made each session more exciting than the last. Heidi was able to give me helpful and informative nutrition advice as well as encourage me through the path I'm on. She understood what i wanted out my dancing and brought that to the lesson plan. She became my friend, and as my friend she knew how to tailor her coaching methods to work for my personality and physicality. She has a wealth of knowledge and is a good human who makes the gym a happier place to be.


Arjana Sanfilippo (Professional actress)

Heidi has taught me more about my body, and healthy body image than I could have ever imagined. I came to Heidi about 3 months ago with an unhealthy body image, and outlook on life--however, she took me in with a smile and inspirational quote that reminded me with a little work and positive attitude, I could achieve the body I've been seeking. Since my initial visit, I have gained muscle, knowledge, and confidence in my body and way around the weights. Going to Heidi once a week has become a highlight of my week, and with her routines and healthy eating plans, I have lost 10 lbs since the beginning of June.

I plan on continuing my sessions with Heidi and learning more about my body through her comprehensive workouts and weekly motivations. (Not to mention our love of Instagram) I will continue to update and will send in before and after pictures as soon as I'm halfway to my goal, and again when I've reached it.



Thomas Zimmerman (Student)

I never intended to do more than one training session, but after I did the first one it was clear how beneficial it was and I started training regularly. Heidi is not only knowledgable and professional, but supportive and affable! As someone who was never totally comfortable in the gym environment it was great to have a totally accepting and encouraging trainer; I now feel comfortable in the entire gym, even with the weight machines! I was also impressed by the way in which Heidi integrated my needs and desires into the workout plan. I highly recommend training with Heidi whatever your level of fitness.


Anonymous (47 year old, female)

Thanks to my personal training with Heidi, I'm finally experiencing a breakthrough after trying a dozen or more do-it-yourself exercise regimens over the years with moderate to little success. Heidi really knows her stuff, is perceptive of my needs, encouraging, and keeps things balanced and varied, which has been very effective for my fitness while also making the sessions interesting. Every session presents a new challenge (I had no idea there were so many different moves I could do--in eleven sessions I think we've repeated only one or two exercises!), and I've never before experienced the rate of improvement in strength and body composition that I'm seeing since starting with Heidi seven weeks ago. And I'm able to work out more effectively on my own by checking in with her every week. Heidi is also great company--our sessions go by quickly. Personal training with Heidi has been one of the best decisions I've made for my health, and I'm looking forward to continued improvement in the months ahead. If you'd like to hear more, feel free to get my contact information through Heidi.


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